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I really wanted to challenge myself and try something new and exciting when it came to baking. Eclairs really presented an intense challenge. I worked with two of my friends and it still took us about 4 hours to make some sad looking but amazing tasting eclairs from a french cookbook. The pastry cream was excellent- made with real vanilla beans and some amazing heavy cream. The dough was composed of two parts- a more standard pastry dough that actually had to be cooked (a process that I had never done before) and a sweet pastry dough that was a topping rather than the chocolate glaze that’s usually on eclairs. Anyway, it turns out the piping the dough out in consistent shapes is a real challenge, but I felt like they came out really great for a first run!1604853_10102401272607274_3837723106898167682_n10300090_10102401272737014_1970365042282781769_n